Released on the Xbox Indie Games Marketplace September 3, 2012.


I was the producer for Mage Cage, an Xbox Live Indie Games developed by Thunderfish Entertainment.  It’s a fast paced mix of Super Smash Brothers and Pong, packaged into a party game!


Some key components of the project I contributed to:
  • Worked on a tight 6 month schedule with 15 other developers.
  • Utilized Scrum style development on this project, acting as the Scrum Master.
  • Solved issues with a dynamic team structure and kept a focus on in-person communication, something that has been a key element of success in my past projects.
  • Facilitated biweekly in person meetings and nearly constant communication via Skype chat.
  • Started development with Trello boards for issue tracking which worked for feature sub-team tasking and monitoring.  However, during polish we were resolving a lot of bugs found by playtesters which were being resolved by individuals, not sub-teams, so I switched to Mantis as a more traditional bug tracking system.  Doing this, we were able to focus on uncategorized/unassigned bugs much more effectively, up until release.
  • Facilitated sprint retrospective meetings, and solutions were always subject to the entire team’s opinion before being finalized.  This gave our team a much more meaningful role in decision-making and allowed me to avoid any built up disagreements with policies.
  • Maintained a burndown chart for the core sprints of the project and used a product backlog managed by our lead designer to plan out and re-evalutate our feature set.


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