Alex Naraghi

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I’m a platform independent developer, and I’m not afraid of code that is old, millions of lines, organizationally questionable, or conversely, strictly regulated and reviewed. I bring my passion for coding standards, useful documentation, and incremental improvements to every project I work on. I take pride in my reputation as a developer who gets things done and is always the first to ask questions or start a conversation when problems are ambiguous or when communication is lacking.

I am not afraid of any specific platforms, technologies, or frameworks since strong development practices and experience reign supreme on any project. However, here are some domains that I work regularly in at a professional level:

Languages: C#, C++, Objective C, Javascript, Java, VB.NET

Game Frameworks/Engines: Unity3D, XNA, OpenGL, FlatRedBall

Web Technologies/Frameworks: ASP.NET, jQuery, Microsoft Azure, HTML 5, SQL, JSON, XML

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC (games), PS4, Xbox One

IDEs: Visual Studio, Xamarin, XCode, Eclipse

Version Control: Git, SVN, Perforce

I’m always happy to give a free quote for my services or answer any questions on my past experience. And if something is outside my scope, availability, or expertise, I am happy to provide alternative options and references to other consultants in my network. My goal is to help your project succeed!



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